Holbrook Paddock Eggs

Free Range Eggs

Here's why you need to try our eggs...

1. Our yolks are brighter - You can expect deeper, brighter and more nutritious egg yolks because our hens are free to graze on an abundant selection of native pastures, bugs and insects
2. Our whites are whiter - As an integral part of our holistic farming system, our hens produce eggs in a 100% natural and open paddock environment.
3. Our shells are stronger - Never caged like many of their city cousins, our hens live day and night in a 100% natural stress-free, open and outdoor environment.
4. Our eggs taste better - We are not biased, our eggs have been unanimously voted the best tasting eggs in Australia (comprehensive breakfast research undertaken by 4 closely -related daughters all aged 9 and under)
5. Our hens have it all - free to roam in a completely natural and open pasture system.
6. We are leading the way – one of Australia's first truly open-paddock, free-roaming egg production system.


Four Free Range Hens

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